About us

Yes, us. We're a plural system, which, for those uninitiated, means we are multiple people occupying the same body. We're collecively known as Bruno Alves.

We don't know how many system members exist in our little head, but the ones running this website are Alastor, Angel and Slugger.

Born under the Taurus sign during a Tiger's year (we don't actually care about astrology), some of our earliest memories are of technology. The Internet has had a huge impact on our life, and we're happy to have our own private lane online. Thanks, Neocities!

We have a lot of love in our heart, especially towards art of all kinds, Web development (currently looking to get into it professionally), Internet history, comic books, gaming, bugs...

We're currently distancing ourselves from mainstream social media, we're only active on the accounts listed on the right (or below, if you're on mobile). We still have a Twitter account, though we don't plan on using it anymore.

Finally, we're firm believers of the «live and let live» principle. As long as no one is getting hurt, you probably shouldn't care what others do with their lives... Oh, and we talk. A lot. You probably already noticed.

That's about it. Thanks for reading, stay safe.

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So, basically...

Pronouns: He/they
Uptime: 24 years
System origin: Quoigenic
Headmate count: Unknown
OS: EndeavourOS

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