Modern Neopets for newbies

An introduction to the differences and enhancements of MN

Last updated on: June 22nd, 2022

What is Modern Neopets? Well, it's a recreation of an older version of Neopets, created by Hazer as a passion project.

We noticed a distinct lack of guides online for it, especially for new users (which is to be expected, as the project is relatively new). We decided we would try to write our own for future users.

For the sake of brevity, this guide doesn't cover the absolute basics of Neopets and assumes you know them already.

Gameplay differences

You might be thinking «Why would anyone want to play another version of Neopets when the original's still around?», to which there are various reasons. The main ones being that many fans miss the old-school layout and that many things in retail Neopets are frankly ridiculously hard to get for new users due to the unattainability of a lot of items.

So far, these are the biggest things MN changes: items are always available, it's easier to earn Neopoints, and the layout resembles the old look of the original site. These are not the only differences, however! Here are a few ways in which gameplay differs:

These might sound like they're not a big deal, but trust me- you'll enjoy them a lot if you like browser pet games. For example, the fact that the inventory uses AJAX makes feeding and playing with a Neopet that much more bearable- little changes like these go a long way.

There are things that you should keep in mind before creating an account though:

While many maps are finished, not all pages linked within them currently work. This is because the project is still in its infancy. So, while you can browse around and explore the finished maps, you can't click on everything and expect a finished page.

Don't you worry though, the most important links are all on the sidebar!

A screenshot of the Modern Neopets homepage

The most important link is this button:

Button reading «Pet Central»

From here, you'll be directed to a link hub. Notice the «Dailies/Freebies» tab- clicking on it will direct you to daily activities that you can do to earn Neopoints or items.

A screenshot of the Pet Central page.

Every other button on the sidebar does what you'd expect- «Create a Neopet» allows you to create a common Neopet, «Explore» brings you to the world map, and so on. The «Shops» button is similar to the «Pet Central» one, as it's a list of links to all the shops available (excluding the Hidden Tower, which you can access from the Faerie City map just like retail Neopets).

Earning Neopoints

Since the vast majority of Neopets games isn't available (either in MN or retail Neopets), most of your Neopoint income must come from elsewhere. It's fairly easy to start earning, and it mostly boils down to two things: your own shop and the Employment Agency.

A good starting point would be to collect your daily jelly and omelette from the Giant Jelly and the Giant Omelette, since those are always in demand for the jobs over at the Employment Agency.

Screenshot of the Pet Central's Giant Jelly and Giant Omelette thumbnails.

Collecting these and selling them on your shop is a good way to build passive income. Just make sure you don't price the items unfairly!

The Employment Agency lets you do 10 basic jobs per day, earning you a total of around 100K Neopoints if you finish them all quickly. It also gives you hints as to what you should sell on your shop, since wanted items are usually repeated every once in a while.

To finish jobs, you have to look for items within a time limit. It's easier if you have the required number of items beforehand (plus it gets you more cash), so I usually buy them before even accepting each job (note that depending on your timezone this might not be ideal as the jobs can be taken while you gather items).

Make sure to visit King Hagan (available from the dailies tab in the Pet Central) daily too! If you happen to impress him, you can get a job coupon, giving you access to super jobs. Doing super jobs gets you a lot of Neopoints, so it's worth it!

The grimoires

The grimoires are items unique to Modern Neopets, allowing for pretty cool perks for those who can afford it. They're often being sold at the Hidden Tower, though they may also be found elsewhere at times.

Below are each of the grimoires. Hover to learn their name!

Picture of the Animalis grimoire. Picture of the Spatium Procuratio grimoire. Picture of the Occultus Loco grimoire. Picture of the Mutare Naturam grimoire. Picture of the Eritque Arcus grimoire.

You can use them from your inventory, and the perks are the following:

Additional species, and how to get them

Modern Neopets has additional Neopet species that don't appear in the retail version. There are multiple ways to get them, some easier than others- let's start with the normal ways to get them.

Red Dirego
Green Ginko
Blue Yumack

Diregos, Ginkos and Yumacks are available to create at all times, as they're basic Neopets within the site. Like all basic Neopets, you can create them in the red, blue, green, or yellow colors.

Striped Soreen

Soreens are a Petpet-turned-Neopet in the site. They can be created in the Waterfall Sanctuary, which can be accessed from the Pet Central or the Shenkuu map (the spot you have to click is circled). They can be created in the striped, spotted, or speckled colors.

The Shenkuu map, with the lower right waterfall circled.
Blue Lulamu

Lulamus are a a bit tricky to get. If you manage to obtain an Old Broken Whistle from Pick Your Own, you can go to Donny's Toy Repair Shop to turn it into a functional Lulamu Whistle. You can use it at the Enchanted Glade, available from the Brightvale map (the spot is circled below) or from the Pet Central.

More information about the Lulamus is available in SketchedNeo's Lulamu guide.

The Brightvale map, with the bottom left corner circled.
Yellow Tatsu

Tatsus are an old Neopets design that was replaced with the Eyrie. They are rather hard to get, originally released via the Ancient Unearthed Morphing Potions- a custom potion that would turn a pet into a Tatsu of a random color that was given at the Money Tree. Although you can still get an Ancient Unearthed Morphing Potion (either by buying one from a user shop or obtaining one from the Wishing Well), there isn't an «official» way to get a Tatsu yet.

The easiest way to get a Tatsu (or any other Neopet for that matter) right now is with either a Morphing Potion or a Magical Plushie. With these, you have full knowledge of the color your future Tatsu will be... but it does take a bit of fun away, in our opinion! In case you're curious, Deebs (the artist behind the Tatsus' lore in MN) talked about the probability of each color you can get from an Ancient Unearthed Morphing Potion here:

A reply by Deebs reading:
        «You covered it, Skye! :)

        There's plans in the future for there to be a way to get Ancient Unearthed potions again, but it's going to be awhile. For now, the methods you outlined are the ways to do it.
        Ancient Unearthed potions will change your pet into a randomly coloured Tatsu.
        80% of basic colour (blue, green, red, or yellow)
        15% of a flat recolour (brown, orange, pink, purple, white, or shadow)
        and 5% chance of something more colourful (rainbow or pastel)»

More stuff

Below are a few links of interest.