Weird corpse


        Page 1 of a 2-page comic.
        Panel 1: An anthropomorphic mouse approaches a cat.
                 Mouse: Woah!!  Scrumbpy
        Panel 2: Scrumbpy: I lost all of our money due to my crippling gambling addiction
        Panel 3: A few hours earlier, at a casino.
                 Scrumbpy: I am betting my life savings on this
                 Poker player: Aha. Aha. Okay you dumb idiot baby
        Panel 4: Scrumbpy lost.
                 Scrumbpy: Nooo!! All of my dollars and change
                 The other player laughs at him while sitting on a pile of money.
        Panel 5: Scrumbpy is kicked out of the casino.
                 Casino owner: Get out you smelly man
                 Scrumbpy (thinking): I am poor 
        Page 2 of a 2-page comic.
        Panel 1: Mouse: Oh my God Scrumbpy how will we afford our expensive hobbies our very expensive hobbies scrumbpy how could you do this to us
        Panel 2: Mouse is angrily gripping a wizard figurine.
                 Mouse (yelling): Do you even understand what you've done how am I supposed to pay for all these tiny hand-crafted wizards I don't even buy clothes Scrumbpy I just spend money on these things
                 Without either of them noticing, a tiny wizard figure emerges between them.
        Panel 3: Mouse (yelling): You are banned banned banned banned from my house a million times banned
                 The speech bubble stabs Scrumbpy in the eye, making it drop blood on the wizard in the middle.
        Panel 4: Close-up on the bloodied wizard figurine.
                 Narrator: With the dumpledoor figure having witnessed the sacrifice its owner had made and having been bathed in the blood of Scrumbply nothing will ever be able to stop it...
        Panel 5: Low-quality zoom-in on the wizard with its eyes glowing red.
                 Narrator: The beast awakens

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